Assisted DIY – Let’s do it together

If you require just a square or rectangular glass splashback with no cut outs, shaping or holes, use our ‘Assisted DIY’ service. Free delivery and Free fitting.

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Or simply unsure of the possibilities? The just call 0800 232 1149 and we will answer any of your questions.

  • Provide accurate measurements
  • Choose your colour
  • Make sure the wall or area that the glass splashback is to be fitted to is smooth and flat with no tiles, wallpaper etc.

What Do We Provide?

  • Manufacture the glass splashback
  • Deliver –for FREE
  • Install –for FREE


This service is perfect if you require a simple splashback to be fitted behind your cooker, behind your sink or to lay on a flat surface.

We will fit your glass splashback for you and finish it neatly. No hassle for you. And no charge.

You can work out your price and order your ‘Assisted DIY’ glass splashback by clicking the Go To Shop button at the bottom of this page.

Or call us on 0800 232 1149.

But remember, if your splashbacks require any cut outs, shaping or holes, you can not use our ‘Assisted DIY’ service. You will need to use our ‘Template, Supply & Fit’ service. Contact us here.

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